Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian

As a child and until seventeen years of age I was a vegetarian. After that I served in the Indian Air Force. It became impossible to survive in the Air force without eating animal flesh as even after independent the menu was mainly what the British prescribed and that is how I started eating animal flesh. As the time went by, like the majority of the public, I also believed that it was necessary to eat animal flesh to survive. That was the information I received, mainly through friends & associates and the media. I did not know that almost everything that comes out through the media, be it advertisements or otherwise; were manipulated by business people for their benefits, even at that time. Even when eating animal flesh, I always had a feeling that it is wrong and against basic human decency. But, even with that feeling, it continued after leaving the Air Force as it became an addiction.

As the information become easily available with the increased use of computer, I got more and more information, Scientific and Spiritual to conclude that, what I am doing (eating animal flesh) is wrong. I don’t have much of academicals training as a nutritionist or a health care professional. However, I did a lot of research and I am writing this based on the research I did in the scientific and Spiritual spheres on the subject to find out the best eating habit; healthy, spiritually and physically. I am 100% sure that pure vegetarian food is the best in every respect; even more so when it is produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, hormones, steroids and chemical pest control substances. Most of those educational institutions which teach the professionals I mentioned above are owned or financed by the animal flesh industry and that will only teach that animal flesh is good for health. So, we cannot fully accept what they put out.

The following is my conclusions and my practices based on my research. The flesh industry admits that animal fat is unhealthy and they claim that lean flesh (animal flesh with less fat) is good for health. Even the process of reducing that fat adds chemicals to the meat, thus making it unhealthier.

I do not eat any kind of flesh, be it from two legged animals or four legged; be it walking, flying, crawling or swimming. I try to grow most of the food I eat, at least the vegetable part and purchase the rest such as grains, lentils etc produced organically and produced and/or procured without insulting and injuring the living beings. There are quite a few reasons for this.

1. Flesh is very unhealthy as it does not digest in our system fast enough and it creates toxins’ which causes the majority of the deceases.
2. Our intestine is very long compared to Carnivores. Their intestinal tract is much short (only 3 times in length than their body length.) This helps the much more swiftly decomposing flesh to pass through quickly without getting completely decomposed. But human and Herbivores have intestinal tract 10-12 times their body length or even more. The longer intestinal tract makes the flesh rot inside of us and thus become more toxic. Some pure vegetarian animals such as sheep and cattle have even longer digestive tract and several stomachs. This combination allows them to break down cellulose, which we cannot do. Longer intestine is a necessity and a clear indication that human is meant to be vegetarians not non-vegetarians. The theory that human is omnivores are just a ‘scapegoat excuse’, the flesh eaters have created.
3. Human body does not make enzymes to digest animal flesh.

4. The row material for production of enzymes comes from vegetation, not from animal flesh. So consuming flesh prevents the production of enzymes.

5. Animal farming is mainly done with chemicals, to fatten them fast by using steroids and hormones. Both of these are very dangerous for human. (I can write more if needed. But I am not going to do it now.)
6. All of my Gurudevas explicitly said that animal flesh eating must not be done.
7. Our “Science of the Absolute” which is erroneously identified as “Hinduism” does not authorize eating of animal flesh. Proof for this can be found in various BOOKs. Examples are: Bhagavad Geetha Chapter V – verse 18, Chapter IX – verse 26 to 28, Chapter X – verse 5, Chapter XII – verse 13 and 14, Chapter XVI – verse 2 and 3, Chapter XVII – verse 7 to 10.

When we eat animal flesh, our body tries to produce enzymes to digest it, a process our body is not equipped to do, that too without row-material to produce the ingredient needed to digest the flesh. So it is like a four cylinder car; say the Tata’s ‘nano’ car pulling a fully loaded eighteen wheeler truck, that too with an engine which has no engine oil in it. So, just as the car will get damaged and fall apart when forced to pull that truck; the same way our body will disintegrate by decease and sickness.

Another problem will be animal fat which is the cause of more sickness.

Yes of course eating flesh adds to a violent nature for humans. Some people show examples to the contrary. But eating flesh is not the only reason that some people of all lands; including our good-old bhAratham are violent. Violence, whether it is, physical, Religious or intellectual the main cause of it is ignorance and people have a lot of it. Especially the self-styled secular intellectual community and I feel that the majority of our intellectuals are of this self-styled kind.

Some say Hitler was Vegetarian but a cruel man. They also say Tibetans, Eskimos, Kashmiri Brahmins and Dali lama etc, are non-vegetarians, but very peace loving people. My explanation is that eating meat may cause people to be violent, but it can also be compensated by the climate, or some other means, events and traits. Above all, the true knowledge will make them to be very understanding and caring for others. Kasmiri Brahmins, Eskimos etc should come under that reasoning. If Dalai Lama eats animal flesh, I have only one thing to say. He is very ignorant and he should relinquish his position as Dalai Lama.

If Buddha, Buddhists, Brahmins or human eat flesh, they are no more Buddha, Buddhists, Brahmins or human beings. And often a onetime incident of eating something might have been twisted around intentionally or accidently and people might have come to believe that Buddha eat flesh. Again such things did happen in recent History also. Even in our own life time or just before that could create such misconceptions.

For some; Old type of agriculture is unfashionable as a profession in India, especially in Keralam, where we can see rice fields being converted to chicken-farms or rubber plantations. It may become difficult to sustain vegetarianism. I think that there is a gradual shift away from it, as you notice Chicken-Biriyani being served even on occasions such as wedding receptions. Actually the diminishing of cultivation in Keralam started with the influx of ‘rubber money’ and Gulf money; both legal and illegal. The main reason for these is the corrupted politicians. Corrupted politicians breed corruption all over. And again this is a product of ignorance.

A recent example is of our politicians getting fooled somewhat by the globalization. In fact a large number of the people in the west did realize the problem with the eating of flesh and they are changing over to vegetarian food. So, the so-called fast food, which is the mainstay of the animal flesh industry, is somewhat reducing itself in the west. But they are successfully exporting it to our good-old bhAratham and china etc through globalization. They also exported another one; a good brain washing tool, the TV. (I call this ‘the best terrorist tool’.) In Keralam, majority of the females don’t even cook. They ‘order out’ and watch the TV shows, which has no moral, ethical or Spiritual values and reality shows, which has not even an iota of reality in it, but have a lot of damaging, demeaning, distorting and dangerous cultural terrorism in it. Even most of the so-called ‘Hindu spiritual’ TV programs are nothing but commercialization of our Spirituality, with damaging demeaning, distorting and dangerous cultural terrorism in it. Most of the TV shows are tool created by evangelists to prepare people for ‘harvest of the soles’ and ‘Joshua’ programs. So are the TV personalities, or the so-called celebrities. You know what the well-known TV personality oriented to the Left political spectrum did recently. He left the Marxist TV organization and joined hands with the biggest financer of the evangelists in the world. But even in the middle of it all we can see little good sign, a small hope. Some, even though very small in number; there are good programs on the Spiritual and cultural front.

And on the agriculture front, few people are going back into natural cultivation and doing organic farming for food production. But the negative is too large. The increase of animal farming and consumption of animal flesh is alarmingly high. So is the use of beauty enhancement products, which is another large scale health hazard, and people don’t even know about it. Again ignorance is the main cause. But I hope the real knowledge will spread and things will turn in the correct direction, provided the learned people like the esteemed people who read this, take-up these issues and try to disburse the true and correct knowledge.

Any one need to discuss this further, they can do so through the yahoo group “aumbharath” or privately.

By and © Udayabhanu Panickar (

2 thoughts on “Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian

  1. Sreeja December 17, 2012 / 4:10 am

    This article is highly informative…

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