Who am I?

“I am Neither SanKHyan, nor Shaivan, nor Jainan, nor does any other doctrine hold good for me.” “I am not the Earth, nor Water, neither Fire, nor Air, nor Ether, nor any sense-organ, nor am I their aggregate. I am not any of these as they are all transient and variable.” “I do not have neither castes, nor their rules and customs, nor I am neither the observances nor the duties attached to them, nor are for me even meditation, Yoga and other practices.” “I am neither Mother nor Father, nor the gods nor the worlds, nor the VedaH, nor sacrifices, nor any holy places.” “I am neither above nor bellow, neither inside nor outside, neither the middle nor across, neither East nor West. I am neither white nor black, neither red nor yellow, neither bent nor stout, neither short nor long. For me there is neither waking nor dream, nor deep sleep, nor am I the one conditioned by these three states; because these are of the nature of avidya, nescience. I am incapable of being known in any manner or form owing to my being of the nature of light or knowledge or self-resplendent Consciousness. There is neither teacher nor scriptures, neither pupil nor teaching, neither you the hearer nor I the speaker, nor this empirical universe, because the teaching of one’s true nature; the consciousness of Reality, does not admit differentiation.

By special realization it is revealed that my nature is Absolutely Pure. I am indivisible one by nature, and all pervading like space.

This entire universe, being other than the Self, is unreal; for the Self alone is all-inclusive, and constitute the Ultimate goal, and IT is self-established and self-dependent.

All this illusion of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ which are rooted in the ‘Non-Self’, thus is dispel-able by the knowledge of the Self.

Therefore, I am that One, Auspicious and Pure, and that alone remains.

 (From a speech; on the subject “GurusmaraNa”; few paragraphs on Aadi ShankarAchAryaR presented at the KHNA convention in California, USA on July 11, 2009 by Udayabhanu Panickar.)

2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Maryann Murphy September 23, 2012 / 12:04 pm

    These are impressive articles. Keep up the noble be successful.

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